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    Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    Men's Butt Waxing

    Men's Butt Waxing,full cheeks and Cleft space between them;is now the new standard integral part of male grooming routines.It is beyond Gay/Metrosexual 1990's it truly is, the constant worldwide traffic on the topic, I get from my Huntley Street Toronto location; is living proof that it is.

    However finding a mainstream Spa with staff comfortable enough to work "there" is another thing . Hence the creation of what is called a Niche market.It is a revelation in comfort and sensory awakening to be experienced, it is officially no longer a Gay or Urban male thing, since 2010 it has gone across the board as a new and established Spa treatment. Note that due to the increased traffic and demand for my services during World Pride Toronto 2014 hours will be extended from 9:00am to 9:00pm from June20 until June 29th inclusive. All those chessy Youtube videos of screaming teen waxings do not reflect the true experience.If done correctly it need not be a painful experience, and with a non oil based after waxing treatment it need not be a pimple breakout experience either.And once you get it done, you will wonder why you did not think of having it done before, since it leaves you with a feeling you do not want to live without.
    The correct Internet research can hopefully get you in touch with the correct technician for the job.

    I myself have been doing benchmark thorough non sexual waxing treatments on a mostly all male clientele since 19997 and find the male client to be very easy to work with.Whether Gay,Bi,Straight,married single divorced they are all interested in a non sexual full service removal of hair on their butt,genitals or other body area where they find excess body hair bothersome.

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