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    Thursday, November 26, 2015

    Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Memorabilia

    With The 2016 Olympic games coming soon to Rio Brazil, Male Beauty Forum is very excited. And to celebrate with the launch of the Pinnacle Of Olympic Sports Excellence Logo package of 10 stickers available at the Male Beauty Forum Lifestyle store on the Amazon online platform. Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games - a curtain raiser Rio de Janeiro is vastly benefited as a result of the infrastructure development works that are in progress ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The governments there have approved about 27 projects all over Rio in view of the forthcoming world sports event. There will be a total investment of $24.21 billion for the execution of these projects. The port area in Rio is being reformed and the metro system is getting extended. The city centre will be having a new LRT (Light Rail Transit) facility. Numerous new facilities for education and development of sports are constructed. Infrastructure improvement projects include anti-flood measures as well as improved sanitation facilities. With the Porto Maravilha Project, the existing port is undergoing massive renovation, this is a main gateway of the city.AS well new venues are developed for art, culture, education, entertainment and housing. The Rio Museum of Arts was completed in the year 2013. The Olympic Port that comprises of various operations centers, hotel, Media Village and Referee Village has a total area of 850, 000 sq m and is a part of the Porto Maravilha project. Sports training centers like The Olympics activities are at their peak in Barra de Tijuca. The Olympic Village, the Paralympic Village, the Olympic Park and the Riocentro that are coming up ,so as to serve as the venues for the sports events as well as gymnastics. After the Olympic sports event, these sports venues will be used as Olympic Training Centers. Here three sports halls are provided – the tennis center, Maria Lens Aquatic Center and the Velodrome. In future international sports events can be hosted in these sports halls.

    Thursday, April 9, 2015

    Fundy Gypsum Company,Ship Crew Reunion

    Visit the new Fundy Gypsum Company Ships Crew Reunion page on Face Book. This new Fundy Gypsum Ships Crew Reunion page on Face Book,is there to serve as a gathering place for the many people who were part of this long seafaring maritime tradition. With the subsequent closing of the Fundy mines as well as the shipping aspect of the company.
    The new Fundy Gypsum Company Face Book Ships Crew Reunion page serves as a very fitting vehicle for old acquaintances to meet and exchange photos and stories of the many fun times had by the many different people who worked for this Hantsport Nova Scotia location based ;Fundy Gypsum Company for all those years.From the Gypsum King,Gypsum Baron,Gypsum Countess,Gypsum Duchess,Gypsum Empress and on back through time,there is a place for your photos and stories on this Facebook page.
    The interface of the page is very easy to navigate, one simply becomes a member and scrolls down the list;or discussion tread to view and comment or start a new thread discussion of your own.
    It will serve as a growing group in the years to come ,simply use the Search feature when logged into your Face Book account. Or visit the URL below,

    Thursday, January 15, 2015

    Swimming Goggles Online

    The new brand name registered with; Male Beauty Forum Lifestyle store on Amazon. Is proud to see the progress made on the recently released first product Silicone Swimming Goggles. The Branded Sharky Cool Silicone Swimming Goggles are made for a snug and secure fit on all adult face and head types. They are made so they do not drip, slide or fog up, due to anti-fog feature. They are additionally great for outside wear since they actually have UV protection to keep your eyes safe. Made with Top quality Polycarbonate lenses with a leakage resistant Silicone skirt for durable usage; considering that silicone is exempt to wearing down like plastic will; when subjected to aspects like sea salt or chlorine. They Perform well in all types of water sports; from swimming to jet ski. Or perhaps in extreme weather condition sporting activities like bicycling or snowboarding, the awesome and sleek design has an aspect of making them quite hot to wear, instead of silly looking. The Quick Fit one touch buckle system with adjustable length, make them a once fit and forget, merely put on and go. The leakage free silicone skirt around the eyes ensures they remain dry and totally free to focus on your sport. A solid and affordable return on your sporting equipment investment, on this Luxury Swimming accessory, Silicone will last much longer then plastic models.
    All part of the Male Beauty Forum Lifestyle frame of mind in delivering high quality and value on our developing non pretentious Lifestyle products, on the highly respected platform. Click the link to visit the Male Beauty Forum Lifestyle Amazon store then click the add to Cart button alongside this product description and have it sent to your door, in a couple of days.