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    Saturday, April 6, 2019

    Manscaping Services Downtown Toronto Ontario ™

    Manscaping Services Downtown Toronto;Are very easy to find these days.
    However the hard part is finding the "Right One" that can provide you with your full body hair removal needs in one place from one person.
    From Craigslist, Kijiji to Yelp, there are all kinds of fast and furious cheap waxbar wanna bees going after that Men's Body Hair Removal market for the money it represents.
    Male beauty forum has seen them come and go since 1997. Mainstream Spas with their frequent staff turn over there is little chance or time to build lasting Client Practitioner relationship.

    Coming Spring 2020 to the GTA area...

     Building solid long lasting Client /Practitioner relationships is what I do with my clients.Plain simple "Service a la Clientele" something mainstream does not always have.Behind their phoney candy ass verneer

    Which is why they tend to lock me in for the next 200 years.Since I provide them with a very simple and painless solution to their body grooming.On my part I lock them in for the next 200 years as a client who I enjoy working on.

    When they feel a need to call instead of an automated outlook express email system telling them they are due for a visit.

    Manscaping Services /Men's Body Hair Grooming/Toronto

    So just having a Men's Body waxing services menu does not a Manscaping salon make.
    Men's Body hair needs are very different from women who just need waxing, men on the other hand need Waxing... For example...( The Classic Back Butt; Shoulders),

    Clipping(Arms,Legs,Torso,Bush),shaving(Genitals) since it is easier to take then really is, and even coloring of torso and pubic bush with a few laser zaps for the ear hairs; last of all.
    It is a menu you do not find just anywhere since it is for a different world.And even though the Spa industry tries to mix and match it is really like Oil and Water, meaning there is Spa Girl world and Spa Boy world and the mix is very different, in the FAQ realm.

     Manscaping Body Hair Grooming Toronto 1997-2018
    Thus the need to shop carefully to find the right place that knows your needs.
    Like myself Claude Edwin Theriault a fully certified Male esthetician who has been working on male clients since 1990 in Montreal and in Toronto since1997.
    I was very well established at the same Huntley Street studio space since my arrival and provided a very complete list of Manscaping services week days 11:00-7:00pm ;weekends 1:00-5:00pm by appointment
    I offer a unique blend of waxing and Body hair clipping and shaving with exfoliation to prevent pimple break outs. All very professional at factory outlet prices that are very reasonable.

    Watch and share the Video below... showing just how quick and easy it all is...

    A creative passion and artistic talents, are what sent me into this industry ,an industry that does not always have the best training in customer service, which is unfortunate since Male Clients are very "easy to deal with",they are not so big on the pampering and nurturing thing mainstream Spas promote, Male Spa clients simply want the hair off and groomed.... and are not very good at doing it themselves, it is not their profession, so they look for someone to outsource it to...

    It really is simple, and a topic I write a lot about.
    Read my other blog post at Male Beauty Forum
    As well as on my Male Health and Wellness Blog

    It will help you get a better picture of how I have taken 25 years of work experience to create a full spectrum Body Hair Grooming experience that respects the intimacy of a client as well as serving him with a clear, easy cost effective solution that is practical and affordable in a clean and private environment.

    Monday, January 28, 2019

    French Acadian Culture

    May of 2018 sees the collection of French Acadian Artist Claude Edwin Theriault moving to the Digby Co land of Maude Lewis.It is the News Trend to watch in mainstream representations of French Acadian Culture that are always straight out of Wikipedia in that standard issue historic patrimonial sense. There is so much more to this vibrant community then what is out there. Early artist inspiration was Maritime folk Art , now more First Nations Inspired and runs parallel to equally interesting Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Culture and will continue to do so. Since there is little room for fresh self representing artistic voice and expression.If the standard Canadian Arts Council clan are not behind it, then it does not see the light of day. All cultural representations are in Acadian Music, Culture, Festivals and Genealogy in Nova Scotia.... and that's it that's all, very challenging for an artist to have a voice. Yet the spirit of French Acadians is very vibrant and innovative, pity it is not encouraged more. Now with Web 2.0 help time will tell, newly created MBF-Lifestyle FaceBook Lifestyle Group is trending, visit and join this free group be part of the change. Till then go have a look at the busy innovative Shamanic Inspired Online French Acadian Art Gallery of Claude Edwin Theriault it just might show you a different side of the Culture, yet parallel mainstream. Stand by for updates on the coming up for sale availability of these close to one hundred works on canvas and several hundred works on paper.

      French Acadian Culture The mainstream bread winner is french acadian song, music with emphasis on accents, saying and dialect. Leaving the visual arts out for the most part, providing it is visual representations of Evangeline et Gabriel .

      image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host

     Written in The english language and published in 1847. The poem follows the "Story of a nice Acadian Girl" named Evangeline and her pain body search for her lost love Gabriel, set during the time of the Expulsion of the Acadians.....classic opera template. It became Longfellow's most famous work in his lifetime and remains one of his most popular and enduring works..... The poem had a powerful effect in defining both Acadian history and identity in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. More recent scholarship has revealed the historical errors in the poem and the complexity of the Expulsion and those involved, which the poem ignores

     The current Acadian cultural Hermitage site is "Grand-Pré Heritage site" key note as to why it became Canada's 16th World Heritage Site inscribed by UNESCO in 2012. Since it is where the tourist go to ... uncover the tale of Le Grand Dérangement: a tragic event in Acadian history that has shaped the vibrant culture of modern-day Acadians across the globe through its quiet but powerful renaissance. Yet there is no sympathy for todays plight of the close to 70 million people currently in a state of deportation.A is shown in the Al Weiwei documentary Human Flow. That we are all in a state of Human Flow like Al Weiwei tries show us , yet, no one is interested.

    French Acadian Culture  

     Go have a look The Youtube channel that features the artwork of Nova Scotia based French Acadian Artist Claude Edwin Theriault, it has passed the One Million Views... go figure. That is what happens when mainstream is not the source for your audience to learn of your work. Be daring and actually subscribe to the Channel so that Youtube can keep you informed by sending you video updates as soon aa they are posted . Frequently asked questions ( FAQ) What is the meaning of the Acadian Flag? What are the main Acadian Customs ? What are traditional Acadian Dishes? What is the difference between Acadians and Quebecois ? What are some Acadian dialect words ? Why is Acadian Music and dance so important ?

    Saturday, September 29, 2018

    Man Spa Services Toronto

    Men's Butt Waxing Downtown Toronto

    The growth in the Man Spa industry continues, since more and more main stream men are discovering the comfort and joy of full service Spa treatments.From Mens Brazilian waxing, body hair grooming and Skin Care. Click to view my Men's Butt Waxing info post The Health and Beauty needs mindset has shifted a great deal.However the business that should be serving this markets its needs is not doing so , due to it basically being a hyped up and over marketed business machine at times, stuck in a marketing pattern dated by many years.

    Health and Beauty therapist Claude Edwin Theriault, in the Spa business since 1990:really has found and fine tuned his skills to serve the needs of his eclectic Toronto clientele as well as his daily expanding worldwide online clientele.And in so doing has become the go to guy in simple straight forward advise on how and where to find answers to ones Health and wellness needs.

    So shop carefully to find the right fit for your Lifestyle and Mindset.

    Have a look at the studio space of Claude Edwin Theriault; a very professional yet beyond mainstream Men's Spa in Toronto 19 floors above the Hoopla...since 1997

    Monday, June 25, 2018


    NovaScotiaArtistGallery of French Acadian painter Claude Edwin Theriault now in south western  land of Maud Lewis.

    Wall Design by Claude Edwin Theriault..... image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host