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    Monday, February 5, 2007

    Men's Grooming Guide..

    Out of all the Services I am Certified to perform and sell; Body hair removal is by far the most popular one.Be it Clip,Shave,Color,Wax or Laser.Body Hair removal is a 5 Billion dollar a year industry,2 Billion in North America alone.All portrails of the Male Form these days,from Porn to Sports Icon to Hardware Store week-end flyer are of the Hairless Mode ,to a point I call the Cult of the Hairlessnes.In my work I see and hear first hand how it "Bothers"them. It does make a difference on the sensorial as well as the visual level.It is very hygienic, especially in the Pubio-genital area or the "Underside of the chassis" as we call it .It all marks a clearly defined shift in the Paradigm Mindset framework of 21st century Man who is now so immeresed in Tech and the smooth sleek lines of Teck Design that he seeks to emulate this minimal sleekness in his own Body. At times it can be somewhat over the top with a bit of obsession ,it is after all only hair.But a good wax,clip,shave combo and even coloring of Chest and Pubic bush keeps a man locked into a younger age group,it realy does,I have after all ;created "The Menu".Last week I purchased a Camcorder this week I am learning how it works so I can prepare the short but very insightful videos from my Male Beauty Forum Menu.I feel the You Tube and Google Video Search Culture is up and ready for it,so Stand By.
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