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    Friday, February 9, 2007

    Whole Food Nutrition, tips...

    As effective as nourishing the skin and grooming the Hair is ,along with exercise to firm and buff,inside Out Whole Food Nutrition for the Body .Is a very powerful way to stay on top of the degenerative breakdown of aging curve.In supplement world there is Natural,Organic and Wild crafted.Natural is now just an old dated term,Organic is Good but Wild crafted means grows wild far from the Maddening Polluted crowd and is just harvested.The processing is important for ease of Assimilation by our Bodies,So many products "do not cut it",it is all about the Ads and Magazine articles that promote it along with the Photos of the Hot Bods that make a lack of connection as the bottom line. Look around ,read ,think about it. The 3rd of my 10 Certifications was Applied Algology,meaning nourishing the Body Inside Out and Outside In with Sea and Freshwater Algaes ,which are Wild Crafted ;harvested and processed under the most meticulus conditions resulting in a superior food source 100% absorb able,no Binders or Fillers,Vitamin A to Zinc, Stabilizes Blood Sugars,Anti-Free radicals,Anti-cancer,the works... View:
    and see for yourself how you to can bypass both the Wholesale and Retail markups and go straight to the source as a member and distributor with monthly commission cash for your efforts as the Aging process is slowed down from the inside out,as it is for myself I am pleased to know,and say.

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