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    Sunday, February 4, 2007

    Men's Skin Care

    As much in demand as my Hair Grooming and removal Services are,Men's Skin Care is a Favorite . Face and Body treatments do sell,and I enjoy the sculpting of flesh aspect to it and the Bio-regenerative Look that comes within treatments;however they are not as prioritized an item as the hair.Yet our skin is the Surface layer of our Brain,without the sense of touch wired into Skin we would have no relationship to the present moment,touch being the Mother of all senses a form of speech onto itself it is important to nourish the skin sourced. All it needs is basic builing blocks, so feed your Face and body with a basic plain no perfume i.e. grapeseed oil,it is inexpensive,light ,non greasy yet pure nutrition.After shower,naked skin pores are still open and it is the best time to apply a product it absorbs quickly and you can then get dressed for the day.Also of prime importance is to exfoliate with an exfoliating product once a week so that dead skin cells are removed and new ones encouraged ,again done on a day when you have lots of time to rub an exfoliant and leave it on the skin for 4-5 minutes instead of a quick drive-thru gig,like guys in a rush tend to do.It is basic maintainence that provides us with "a moment" to our intimate sensorial selves in a gogo world.An will prevent waking up to a sagging demineralized ,"Iguana Hide" as we call it at Skin Divo,it is out there.Look around and see for yourself the Skin Topographies out there in the world of man.<

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