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    Monday, February 12, 2007

    He ain't Pretty,He just Looks That Way

    As part of the "Look Around" Budda Perception exercises I do,I see how Media Objectification has set as the benchmark a Lights,Make-up/Photoshop image which is the 'Norm" ,making "Real Body" deficient.All to instill a Pre-Meditated Body discomfort so we get anxious and go out and buy more media stuff. Which leads to uncomfort with selves,when in an intimate situation and when aspects not comfortable with are exposed=sexual problems arising due to when men feel bad or ashamed they detach emotionally and mentally from sexual situations and are pretty good at being non attentive to the needs of themselves and their soon to change partners= unhealthy sexual behavior due to the inattention of the displaced anxiety and low self esteem.Women have been subjected to this kind of Media Brain Washing Stuff for years so they're now more accustomed to the Hoopla ,it being now targeted to Mens Folks however is I must say a new twist; especially for them youngins who could be tempted to take it all seriously .
    Quite the "Equation" fueled by the need for yet still even bigger gym tits ,it is termed muscle Dysmorphia or Bigorexia meaning feeling too small physically when in fact one is big and proportioned just right for the bone mass of ones self.It's not a cause for alarm yet, however it is worth a "Look Around " and see the Media wording and Images for Bigger This and Harder That as the Sell,Sell dillusions of Hungry Ghosts.Once you wean yourself off that Media Toxic stuff you can actually start to feel like your "True Self".And See how He ain't Pretty,He just looks that Way.
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