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    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    PornFed Male Pattern Cluelessness

    In todays non-stop consumption of media;the 9" Keanu Reeves Matrix Spike can easily work it's way from the back of the head to the Sphincter/Rosebud and subsequent Pearl Harbour.Resulting in Pornfed Male Pattern Cluelessness.I know this one is a bit of a deep curve ball to grasp;it's just that in the Media fuelled ,testosterone fed Male way of thinkin' things have gone to a Cheap&Cheesy Bavarian Porn Fest out there. It is not that I am such a Prude because I am not,I am way out there.It is that in these pre 2012 days one has to keep ones thinking in the right way i.e. Right Thought being #2 in Buddha Eightfold Path.It's about Intent and it's potential to bring us to right Understanding. A Big Ticket Item on the Date Magnet Circuit. However "Bare Attention" as its called or Look around at the Leg Humpin' Dog world of Man these days. Wired up to the Camcorder Double IV addiction feeding their empty lives night after night.I see it Wall to Wall here in Hogtown Toronto but it's a global phenomenon that serves to shine "Da Light" on the path I choose not to follow.This is not a Bitter Rant and Diatribe on MensFolks, Men come in Handy for all kinds of things ,I'm just saying these things just are.It's just with Media&Tech sinking deeper and deeper into our heads every Second we can easily become PornFed Cattle that cannot feel the Orgasm for the Cum Scene. Resulting in a lot of increasing socially dictated fixed perception and attachment to the ideals of it;all far from the "Right understanding".Resulting in more and more people incapable of remotely facing the most elemental of Human Interactive bonds let alone truly meaningful relationship bonds.Hence PornFed Male Pattern Cluelessness which one can break away from.Might need a 25,000 Horsepower BootKick in "DaNuts" to do it ,but some event somewhere may do it for someone,someday to wean themselves off "DaStuff" of Old Patterns.Either way There is nothing but Hope and Fun as we Hurl Happily along the Cosmos trail towards 2012 and the almighty "Zero Point" of change we are all going to come up to then. So see it as a Deep Curve Ball Rant by Beauty Mystic if you wish or just a call to "Look Around" with "Bare Attention" and see the hardly perceptible discrepancies in the" Matrix Wavelength of choice"these days

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