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    Thursday, July 9, 2009

    Natural Skin Care

    Natural Skin Care is hard to come by these days, since every manufacture has gone the way of chemical toxic spike. Especially the big brand names, take the time to read the ingredients on the back under a magnifing galss and you will see the light.
    I personnally have had an active interest in this field since 1990 when I started in the Spa industry. Since then I completed certification in Applied Algolgy and visited Bretagne France to see the source as well in 2000.
    However most have been bought up by big nutri-corporate interest and the natural simply is not so natural any more.
    However I have since discovered Secresea made from marine phytoplankton harvested and processed under the most meticulous and tested conditions by a company called my forevergreen.A direct sales company where product will never be made available in any stores, it is bought through a member or with ones own easy to set up active member acount and then shipped direct from the manufacturer source at significant cost savings over retail.
    In my opinion a very nice way to shop and do business in a Web2.0 social media world going places.
    Check out more news on this at my video below.

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