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    Monday, December 21, 2009

    Men's Skin Care

    Men's Skin Care continues it's rise in popularity, however this past few months, I have been seeing the traffic to the Seacresea skin care page on my malebeautyforum website.Show me a new shift in the collective mindset of the male consumer for more natural organic products. The hyped up on hooplah industry has been throwing around the term natural since the 1970's ,in the beginning of this century; organic is the new natural buzz word.
    Well now there is actually wild crafted; meaning grows by itself is not farmed but more harvested in the form of Marine Phytoplankton.Micro tiny little heads of lettuce like plant forms in the ocean cultivated by being left on it's own to grow and replicate on a $30 million dollar sea farm out on the Pacific west coast by a publicly traded company My Forever Green with direct sales system in 30 countries
    A serious company with a seriuos eco vision putting out a skin care product line not, I repeat not found in any store . But rather sold direct sales to the clients and delivered at a fraction of he price of the marked up retail stuff.

    Worth checking out a product that can really deliver solutions to your skin care concerns.

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