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    Thursday, May 12, 2011

    Organic Pet Food

    Quality Pet Food Supplement is basically for you, whether yours is a prize winning Horse,Dog, Cat or your own pride and love joy house pet.Adding an organic food supplement to their diet will contribute lots as a cost effective means to lasting improvement in the quality of their lives. From newborn skeletal structure development to adult aging breakdown like preventing Arthritis complications for example , the health care cost is recuperated many times over.In practically non existent Veterinary bills with you enjoying a better quality to the companionship they bring into your lives.

    In their food evolution their diet consisted of raw foods, now suppliers have highly processed food for the most part which really do come up short in the natural pet food nutrition department.

    Since 1997 I have an account with a company called Simplexity Health which sells what is in my opinion the best quality Pet food diet supplement called APA Blend , sold direct to account holders at cost.Note that on Cat food tips of the week since it is really something with value.

    Introduction to these nutrients should be gradual ( i.e. Kitten-5 lbs 1/4 tsp, 1-12 lbs 1/4-1/3 tsp). They love the food taste and owner testimonials all speak of a quick noticeable change in everything from coat quality to mood and energy.

    Click the link below and go see, read about this APA Blend product. Opening an account will do for you what it has done for all of the many account holders. Call their 1:800:800-1300 with my Customer name of Claude Edwin Theriault or ID# 445357 you can have your own account as well and buy direct from the manufacturer at cost ,shipped direct to your door, promote it yourself and earn commission income in this recession resistant rich Web 2.0 social media online shopping world we live in these days .All very safe shopping from a publicly traded company with multi millions in sales yearly for more then 25 of the past years. A bright way to go!

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