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    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    Organic Skin Care Line

    Organic Skin Care Line
    Have you ever wondered why some skin care products are so cheap? Let me tell you their secret. They use active ingredients in the tiniest amount and fill the rest of the creams with pH balance, preservatives, and chemically engineered fragrance. These chemical ingredients can be very harmful for your skin as well as health. Let me give you a brief insight into some of those dangerous chemicals that you have to avoid while you shop for these products online.


    Dioxane is one of those harmful chemicals that are widely used in cheap skin care products. It is basically a coconut derivative, and it is known to cause severe health problems that include skin cancer.


    Parabens is another preservative that is used in these cheap products. It is not only carcinogenic, but it may also cause skin rashes and allergic reactions. What is more, it can even damage the human endocrine system.

    Phenol carbolic acid

    Some cheap skin care products also use phenol carbolic acid that is probably the most dangerous of all other chemicals. It can cause convulsions, paralysis, or circulatory collapse. What is more, if applied in larger quantities, it can even result in comma or death.

    All these chemicals have been banned for use in cosmetics in Europe, but are still being used by many companies. Therefore, do not forget to read the actual ingredients used in the products before you buy them .Men's Skin Care in particular is quite brutal since it's a market that is not particular, they just grab, smear and run. The industry knows it can sell them whatever it wants.

    Organic Skin Care Line

    In my continued research I have found my forever green and their secresea line of whole food source marine phytoplankton sin care line from on high. I now have an active distributor account that gets me direct access to the best of the best delivered to my door.
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    Organic Skin Care Line

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