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    Wednesday, September 25, 2013

    Foreclosure Listings Canada

    At Forclosures you can find homes at up to 50% below market value, they provide simple easy solutions to what is the biggest purchase we do in our lifetimes. Their easy to navigate site has the option of getting email alerts when a property in your area comes up.
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    Eliminate trying to get through Court or bank foreclosures, due mostly to anal retentive government "Privacy Laws" however the paperwork is also a real killer.

    Eliminate the  realtor... who will not always give you the full contact information of the listing realtor of a foreclosure (or any home listing, for that matter).
    Since they earn the commission by being your agent and have a control on that commission they earn from your purchase.

      Instead, Foreclosures Canada gives you full contact info on the property's Listing Realtor.  With this agent  now making  the buyer's and seller's commission, you can often pursue him/her give you a discount on their commission,saving even more on an already reduced home. 

    A lot of foreclosures in the multiple listing service are not listed as "foreclosures", since sellers often do not want buyers (or their neighbors) to know that they are in foreclosure ;which is understandable.However fact remains that they are desperate to sell. 

    These are just a few of the insider game tactics you need to know, however as a member of Foreclosures Canada .ca you get to benefit from all the work and know how they have put together for you.
    Enabling you to simply search from a pre screened list of the most current listings.Making the process easy. The cost effective $17:00/monthly membership is very little money to spend on access to a fast track path
    to a hassle free way to get that new home for yourself, family member , or just investment property to rent or resell at a profit.
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    Botton Line truth is the secret weapon of savvy home-buyers and property investors... who get the latest bargain-priced homes the moment they come up for sale!

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