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    Monday, October 7, 2013

    Dive Xtras CUDA

    Dive Xtras CUDA


    For divers looking to use

     the best... Click Image and see


    This CUDA 650 is the front runner of the CUDA models, it's 53 lbs weight makes a lot more lightweight compared to more traditional lead acid scooters. 

    Yet it can still deliver the performance of a heavyweight. Since it is designed for expedition diving it has all the great features of the CUDA family.

    Prime features like the strong thrust power  you need to push through the current; even  with the heaviest of gear.

    Yet it has the battery life economy to run for hours. 

    According to the Tahoe Benchmark figures the CUDA can top out at 248ft/min (76m/min) and cruise for over 5.5 miles (9.3Km).

     Price: $4,305.03

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