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    Friday, November 21, 2014

    Manscaping Services Toronto Ontario

    Manscaping Services in Toronto is surging in popularity for all types of guys, beyond Straight, Bi, Gay, ultra conservative to liberal.According to Health and Beauty Therapist Claude Edwin Theriault who deals with the United Nations of Men Folk in Toronto.Established in Toronto since 1997 when there was not a lot of places "doing that". Now it's wall to wall waxing bars on every 2nd street corner, replacing the Fancy Ladida Spas.
    And they are onto the fact that Male Clients truly are EZ, just treat them right and they lock you in for the next 200 years.Since it is a personal and intimate service to have done.
     It is also not just the downtown TO guys getting waxed anymore

    It's not just the Porn Stars creating the Situation and contributing to the male hairless trend all over the world. There's no question that I've seen a surge in men coming in for waxing with Clip and Shave combos, making and eclectic Spa studio menu unique to the Male Beauty Forum, since it serves clients needs without the Attitude and hefty price tag to it, the most popular areas for guys are Back & Shoulders,Buttocks,Chest Stomach: however it is pretty extensive.

     This recent rise of manscaping/Men's Body Hair Grooming Services: is due to the collective post zero point 2012 mindset of sleek tech design reflected in sleek groomed Male Nude form, "deep but true" ,we are merging straight into a future world now, and mankind is reflecting it not just because their girlfriends and wives are encouraging them to clean up.

    It's because they like the way it makes them feel....... Receiving a Mens waxing service; makes you float all the way home, it really does.... it also helps to lessen the occurrence of ingrown hairs caused by shaving.It saves time since you don't have to shave daily, eventually hair starts to grow back thinner so you don't need to come in as often. And since we live in an culture of outsource , why not outsource it to a seasoned professional, certified male estheticien like Claude Edwin Theriault, who has taken it to a eclectic Spa menu level, quite unique in that it serves Male clients needs.

     View video below excerpts from extensive Male Beauty Forum... Men's Body Hair Removal 
    Services menu.

     Manscaping is now a completely mainstream part of the new 21st century Mancave mindset of what is sexy.It is for Men who don't want waxing hair removal, since they have too much of it and the pain factor enters the picture. This is were Manscaping Services Toronto, gives them a quick and simple path to the showcasing of their virility through their groomed body hair. It really is just that simple...... However if you are not near Toronto;Body Hair Clipping, can also be done easily at home.Get a good clipper and off you go with an instant fix, note that Clipping should be done in a shower stall so as to be able to clean up easily afterwards. Work in the direction of hair growth or Hair stream as I call it and practice till you get it right.


     For Men's Body Shaving; first clip the length of it right down to the skin with a clipper going against the hair stream without a guide.Do not use commercial shave creams, they all have very strong chemicals like zinc and aluminum, make the effort to find and use an Shaving Gel just right for the the ph needs of the body, which differ from the ph level of the face, so stand by for further news on this. Once again this is done in the shower so that cut hair can been rinsed off. Done while the skin is warm and dilated, stretch the skin, and use a quality blade instead of disposable razors since they have a more jagged edge on the micro level. Work slowly and methodically, and do not jump everywhere.
    Manscaping as it is called is now a completely mainstream part of the new 21st century mindset of what is sexy, from gay to straight biker types next door. Men who don't want waxing hair removal, but rather just a simple showcasing of their virility through their groomed body hair. It really is just that. These days It is the new Benchmark upon which Men's beauty is portrayed and judged, so get with the new world order of things and enjoy the Body Clipping and Shaving, grooming experience of it all.And if you want to outsource the task, make it to the clean, quiet and professional studio I set up.

    I am working at relocating to the Zona Romantica area of Puerto Vallarta Mexico ...soon in  2019....
    So that your Manscaping needs can be met with in a relaxed professional non sexual at all manner studio space. I may be reached  email from the Contact Claude form on anyone of the Male Beauty Forum sites pages.

    By appointment  7 days /week: serious non sexual inquiries only.......

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