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    Monday, June 6, 2016

    Deloitte and Touche Toronto

    Deloitte and Touche Toronto
    Deloitte and Touche Human Resources at any of their 121 King St. West,181 Bay Street,or even the 30 Wellington St Toronto offices.Should make a better effort in their hiring process to avoid hiring ,chain smoking substance abusing alcoholics douchebags like Victor Chabela. In 2008 a painting was loaned to him for safe keeping by French Acadian artist Claude Edwin Theriault. And on a weekend substance and alcohol fuelled weekend binge Viktor and his drive thru boyfriend of the week end sex trick named " Jeff" removed the painting from the frame rolled it up like a poster and took it out to "Jeffs" outside of Toronto Home. Where dysfunctional Victor Chabella promptly announce the break up end to their acquaintance, Jeff subsequently kept the Seven Heavens of Buddha painting out of spite and anger, Viktor just wrote it all off as another Fucked up Sex trick week end.
    Months later Claude Edwin Theriault finds out about "this Shit" an all Viktor has to say is "paint it again"how ignorant can one be"paint it again". No effort whatsoever has been made by Deloitte and Touche Information Technology staff member Douche bag Viktor Chabela;to reclaim this Intellectual property of Claude,presently to this day still kept by former Boyfriend "Jeff". Emails to Victor Chabela are not returned, voice mail messages either. When Claude Edwin Theriault runs into him on the street Viktor just looks at the sidewalk, "under rug Sweep " of an "unpleasant" event he would rather not face, because he is a spineless highly dysfunctional, chain smoking,substance abusing ,alcoholic piece of shit.
    Hence the Shame on you call out,that Deloitte and Touche or Toilet and Douche as Victor Chebela calls his employer....he really calls them that. It's not the way French canadians treat people, however it seem to be the way Viktor treats french canadians. since it's the way things are in the busted ass familty Viktor came to Toronto from. This is just a blog post telling the world Deloitte and Touche hires Douche bags in there Information technology department. Smug self righteous walking Vaginal Monologues with sphincterial personalities , that need to own up instead of dump wipe and walk on good people who treated them a hell of a lot better they they and their messed up sorry excuse for a person did; and continues to do by doing nothing. Hence the reason to stoop down to the level of a Call do something. May God dam your hide Viktor Chebella and may your Deloitte and Touche or Toilet and Douche outfit keep you on;in your highly disfunction existence. Until you drop dead ,so someone and bury you; and we can all forget the lame bastard excuse you are for a person French Acadian artist Claude Edwin Theriault needs to know; The last name of this "Jeff"former sex trick. Where he lives ? What is this telephone number, email address? Who does he work for ? What legal action are you talking Victor to get back intellectual property, that is lost and damaged Instead of going from one dysfunction full messed up weekend binge after the other , with you giving blow jobs in underground parking garage sat 4 in the morning in Toronto. Unawarwe of how messed you are, by bragging about it the next day. You are accountable for this so do something,to own up for a change you fucked up cock sucking,piece of bastard shit