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    Thursday, August 25, 2016

    Nova Scotia Health Spa ™

    The Nova Scotia Health Spa community is getting big news ,with the possible arrival of Health and Wellness therapist Claude Edwin Theriault.Due to the positive feedback I have been getting from inquiries, I am interested in opening a local personalized Men's Spa Studio in Halifax Nova Scotia in 2017; to serve as an extension of my Toronto Men's Spa The Male Beauty Forum.

    Short term to test the local market potential in downtown Halifax.

    By appointment as well serious non sexual inquiries only

    So mark your calenders & if you would be interested in this please leave me a comment at the bottom of this page or send me an email expressing your thoughts on as to let me know the level of interest this has in the Halifax Metro area.

    Claude Edwin Theriault would bring his more then 20 years of experience to the Halifax Metro Area,by setting up a very personalized House Spa satellite office to his Toronto based Zen Tree House Spa on Huntley Street established since 1997- Present with the possibility of a permanent shift to Halifax depending on the amount of interest.

    Nova Scotia Health Spa

    Nova Scotia Health Spa

    These past few years I have watched the Halifax Metro area of Nova Scotia become very gentrified, sort of like New England without the Guns and Anger, I have also seen that local Hotels have added Spa menus to their facilities. So I feel the place is ripe to receive a Spa menu as eclectic as the Spa treatment Menu of Claude Edwin Theriault.However I also see the province wide Spa Industry try but fall short in the Spa services and packages offered. "Do Not Wish To offend" however they just do fall short.
    They simply have too much sales copy written up by city based ad agencies, all very Sugar and Spice but not relevant.Since the "Real Folk" of the region want something they can Feel and Feel comfortable with,and comfortable in. Especially for the Men's Spa Nova ScotiaHealth mindset which mainstream has yet to able to connect to like Claude has,since I know how simple and not complicated their needs are.
    It takes more then 20 years experience to deliver an eclectic,experience,like Claude Edwin Theriault does just by being himself there...present attitude free in the Halifax Metro Spa Scene.

    Restorative Biology My Forever Green

    My principal discipline is Restorative Biology with Marine Phytoplankton from the Inside Out as well as Algo therapy which is Remineralizing the body from the Outside In with Sea water Algae from the Marine Body Wraps, Body Scrubs and Sea Algae based Facials.

    Have a View at my parallel Health and Wellness blog posts on various Longevity topics

    Nova Scotia Health Spa

    Services will be Certified but not locally RMT Registered since my studies were done outside the province of Nova Scotia Swedish Massage with Hot and Cold Stones $70:00 for 1 hrs work.
    Remineralising Facial $50:00 for 1hr
    Body Hair Waxing $20:00 and up depending on the amount of hair
    Later if there is interest there will be Marine Body Wraps $120:00 for a 90 minute session.
    Sea Salt Body Scrub $60:00 for 60 minute session .
    Prices at a great introductory rate for the year 2014 so as to introduce Spa Services to the Downtown Halifax Metro area, Cash payment and a receipt is written up for you.

    Men's Spa Services Halifax

    Tentative Scheduling will be the first 20 days of the month in Toronto, the last 10 days of the month in Halifax. With a gradual shift to 15 Toronto then 15 days Halifax.

    My approach has always been to provide a very relaxed yet casual and non pretentious experience in a clean and private environment.In times when people want and need something they can fell and relate to, available the last 10 days of the month coming soon.

    By appointment, no Telephone, just email since I am getting away from it all more and more, due to time being the prime important factor in my life these days.

    Serious Inquiries let me know

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