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    Monday, February 26, 2018

    New Brunswick French Acadian Artist

    The academic powers that be are not necessarily pleased with the shamanic first nations  inspired  artistic vision,Nova Scotia French Acadian artist Claude Edwin Theriaut. With is  use of the winged male nude as the reoccurring icon prop to express his Mythology. Making for an artist very  beyond the Bureaucratic....meaning relating to the business of running an organization, or government=Clicks and Clans operating in"well-established bureaucratic procedures" all part of mainstream cultural norm of French Acadian Art Culture as well as the Maritime culture of Nova Scotia Art Gallery mindset . However these Patrimonial Cultures that are somewhat in need of a reboot to a new Matrix mindset that shows our lives and culture in a non Historic 200 or 300 years ago style.Via the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia painter Claude Edwin Theriault. Symbolist inspired painting called Aligning of the Heavenly bodies, esoteric post zero point 2012 zero point artwork.Using Web 2.0 social media as a self representing artist, since private an public gallery directors are simply not there for you these days, too caught up in the new Annie Leibovitz darlin' thing.... Go to ( FAQ )  to see the reasons  wall art matters most in Interior Design,how to mix art styles,how to decorate with art prints,how to decorate with art,interior design artwork ideas, and answer your FAQs.... Hence artwork like below French Acadian Culture Nova Scotia Yet The spirit of l’Acadie runs deep in Nova Scotia, and may God bless and keep them ,since they are real and cool people. As one of the province’s founding cultures, there are reminders of the intrepid French settlers who first claimed Nova Scotia as their home in the seventeenth century. It is always a pleasure to explore Acadian history through historical sites, culture and language, genealogy, music, food, and crafts. Some of Canada's First Acadian Settlements On the south shore, the Fort Point Museum in LaHave commemorates the May 8, 1604 arrival of Samuel de Champlain's ship Le Don de Dieu in the New World. Champlain was instrumental in LaHave being chosen by King Louis XIII to be the site of the 'First Capital of New France'. In 1632, Isaac de Razilly, French General and Viceroy, landed at Fort Point on the beautiful LaHave and carried out the command of his king. French Acadian Artist Miz Etta Leblanc At Port-Royal, Acadian history is reconstructed at the French Habitation, providing a glimpse into life as part of the first European settlement in Canada. See Acadian-built dykes as you journey to Grand-PrĂ© National Historic Site, once home to the largest Acadian community on the Bay of Fundy and immortalized in Longfellow’s poem Evangeline: It is know in the tourist brouchure as A Tale of Acadie.... and everyone loves that stuff Shift in French Acadian Cultural norms beyond mainstream Moncton French Acadian Culture.Club French Acadian Culture Nova Scotia Shift in French Acadian Cultural norms beyond mainstream Moncton French Acadian Culture.Club

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