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    Thursday, March 1, 2007

    New meaning to the word Hood Ornament

    With all the bells ,whistles,ropes & harness men have to fill the gaping holes in their empty lives, one I find to be right up there is the almighty Cockring,and it's capacity to give new meaning to the word "Hood Ornament".A steadfast and True micro-Capillary rupturing nightmare a la pre gangarene if there ever was one .I just had to research it since I have nothing against ropes,harness and "Stuff",my childhood having been spent on a "Cattle Ropin'" farm in Nova Scotia .Had my own pony"Flash" and everything.I just believe in keeping the Harvest of the Harness in the realm of the 4 legged domesticated animals.However,for some basic hugging,kissing and affection just no longer does, or never did"The Trick" and they just need "more".Communicated in a non-verbalized message in the form of the "BonaConstrictor" Rings=marriage/meaning my prime real estate belongs to you.Options like priapism,penile gangarene are just not considered due to our being "Busy right Now".Quick release is good ,I guess for that bailout moment of enough is enough to avoid necrosis meaning death of cells and groups of cells that make up the tissue that make up organs.All for the triple crown look and feel of wrapping it around the gonads preventing them from rising in orgasm instilling the new neuro-lingistic programming to the next level of "Lord knows What".

    Monday, February 26, 2007

    Men's Pubic Hair Grooming™

    Gazing onto the Beauty that gazes back at you creates the need for the third most popular Hair menu item at The Male Beauty Forum Spa:The "Pubian Nubian",or as my Gay Blade Clients call it the Impeccably Manicured "Playgirl Snatch",front and back.All in all an easy to do Hair-Do. First in a shower stall for easy pick up and rinse away of hair,do a comb out then clipper over comb for a controlled and even crew cut look,peripheral upper thigh is important,a wide spread bush makes a man look wider then he is at the mid-section ,trimming to short and narrow gives a sleaker look and feel to the topography
    leaving a nicely arched and even bush as a crowning glory "atop the riggins". After the clear cutting and peripheral done it's time for"The Shave".In a still steamy shower stall or after the appilication of a hot wash cloth the skin pores are ready to respond to a shave blade with no resistance,use a high quality,nick proof multi blade,a plain body gel,not commercial zinc and aluminum laced commercial foam if you please.Work the topography methodically,slow left to right circle reaching as far into the underside of the Chassis as is comfortable.For further in you may squat down to reach the Cleft and Rosebud,then rinse.To avoid irritation and itching do not overshave,meaning scrape and scrape for hours once a year,to shave hair overgrown from no maintenace.This is a basic routine that takes 2.4 minutes of you time once/month,plain simple Leave the Neurotic Obsession to the EIUC "i.e. Emotionally Inbread Urban Chihuahuas".And of course Color once/month on Chest abdomen and Pubian if your in the gray or white zone.It's all basics to have a natural looking Pubian Nubian,instead of the overkilled "Manzillizan"Strip,straight out of the PornFed Web-realm ,turning Manhood into a Latex and Rubber Prop.
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    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    PornFed Male Pattern Cluelessness

    In todays non-stop consumption of media;the 9" Keanu Reeves Matrix Spike can easily work it's way from the back of the head to the Sphincter/Rosebud and subsequent Pearl Harbour.Resulting in Pornfed Male Pattern Cluelessness.I know this one is a bit of a deep curve ball to grasp;it's just that in the Media fuelled ,testosterone fed Male way of thinkin' things have gone to a Cheap&Cheesy Bavarian Porn Fest out there. It is not that I am such a Prude because I am not,I am way out there.It is that in these pre 2012 days one has to keep ones thinking in the right way i.e. Right Thought being #2 in Buddha Eightfold Path.It's about Intent and it's potential to bring us to right Understanding. A Big Ticket Item on the Date Magnet Circuit. However "Bare Attention" as its called or Look around at the Leg Humpin' Dog world of Man these days. Wired up to the Camcorder Double IV addiction feeding their empty lives night after night.I see it Wall to Wall here in Hogtown Toronto but it's a global phenomenon that serves to shine "Da Light" on the path I choose not to follow.This is not a Bitter Rant and Diatribe on MensFolks, Men come in Handy for all kinds of things ,I'm just saying these things just are.It's just with Media&Tech sinking deeper and deeper into our heads every Second we can easily become PornFed Cattle that cannot feel the Orgasm for the Cum Scene. Resulting in a lot of increasing socially dictated fixed perception and attachment to the ideals of it;all far from the "Right understanding".Resulting in more and more people incapable of remotely facing the most elemental of Human Interactive bonds let alone truly meaningful relationship bonds.Hence PornFed Male Pattern Cluelessness which one can break away from.Might need a 25,000 Horsepower BootKick in "DaNuts" to do it ,but some event somewhere may do it for someone,someday to wean themselves off "DaStuff" of Old Patterns.Either way There is nothing but Hope and Fun as we Hurl Happily along the Cosmos trail towards 2012 and the almighty "Zero Point" of change we are all going to come up to then. So see it as a Deep Curve Ball Rant by Beauty Mystic if you wish or just a call to "Look Around" with "Bare Attention" and see the hardly perceptible discrepancies in the" Matrix Wavelength of choice"these days

    Monday, February 12, 2007

    He ain't Pretty,He just Looks That Way

    As part of the "Look Around" Budda Perception exercises I do,I see how Media Objectification has set as the benchmark a Lights,Make-up/Photoshop image which is the 'Norm" ,making "Real Body" deficient.All to instill a Pre-Meditated Body discomfort so we get anxious and go out and buy more media stuff. Which leads to uncomfort with selves,when in an intimate situation and when aspects not comfortable with are exposed=sexual problems arising due to when men feel bad or ashamed they detach emotionally and mentally from sexual situations and are pretty good at being non attentive to the needs of themselves and their soon to change partners= unhealthy sexual behavior due to the inattention of the displaced anxiety and low self esteem.Women have been subjected to this kind of Media Brain Washing Stuff for years so they're now more accustomed to the Hoopla ,it being now targeted to Mens Folks however is I must say a new twist; especially for them youngins who could be tempted to take it all seriously .
    Quite the "Equation" fueled by the need for yet still even bigger gym tits ,it is termed muscle Dysmorphia or Bigorexia meaning feeling too small physically when in fact one is big and proportioned just right for the bone mass of ones self.It's not a cause for alarm yet, however it is worth a "Look Around " and see the Media wording and Images for Bigger This and Harder That as the Sell,Sell dillusions of Hungry Ghosts.Once you wean yourself off that Media Toxic stuff you can actually start to feel like your "True Self".And See how He ain't Pretty,He just looks that Way.
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    Friday, February 9, 2007

    Whole Food Nutrition, tips...

    As effective as nourishing the skin and grooming the Hair is ,along with exercise to firm and buff,inside Out Whole Food Nutrition for the Body .Is a very powerful way to stay on top of the degenerative breakdown of aging curve.In supplement world there is Natural,Organic and Wild crafted.Natural is now just an old dated term,Organic is Good but Wild crafted means grows wild far from the Maddening Polluted crowd and is just harvested.The processing is important for ease of Assimilation by our Bodies,So many products "do not cut it",it is all about the Ads and Magazine articles that promote it along with the Photos of the Hot Bods that make a lack of connection as the bottom line. Look around ,read ,think about it. The 3rd of my 10 Certifications was Applied Algology,meaning nourishing the Body Inside Out and Outside In with Sea and Freshwater Algaes ,which are Wild Crafted ;harvested and processed under the most meticulus conditions resulting in a superior food source 100% absorb able,no Binders or Fillers,Vitamin A to Zinc, Stabilizes Blood Sugars,Anti-Free radicals,Anti-cancer,the works... View:
    and see for yourself how you to can bypass both the Wholesale and Retail markups and go straight to the source as a member and distributor with monthly commission cash for your efforts as the Aging process is slowed down from the inside out,as it is for myself I am pleased to know,and say.

    Monday, February 5, 2007

    Men's Grooming Guide..

    Out of all the Services I am Certified to perform and sell; Body hair removal is by far the most popular one.Be it Clip,Shave,Color,Wax or Laser.Body Hair removal is a 5 Billion dollar a year industry,2 Billion in North America alone.All portrails of the Male Form these days,from Porn to Sports Icon to Hardware Store week-end flyer are of the Hairless Mode ,to a point I call the Cult of the Hairlessnes.In my work I see and hear first hand how it "Bothers"them. It does make a difference on the sensorial as well as the visual level.It is very hygienic, especially in the Pubio-genital area or the "Underside of the chassis" as we call it .It all marks a clearly defined shift in the Paradigm Mindset framework of 21st century Man who is now so immeresed in Tech and the smooth sleek lines of Teck Design that he seeks to emulate this minimal sleekness in his own Body. At times it can be somewhat over the top with a bit of obsession ,it is after all only hair.But a good wax,clip,shave combo and even coloring of Chest and Pubic bush keeps a man locked into a younger age group,it realy does,I have after all ;created "The Menu".Last week I purchased a Camcorder this week I am learning how it works so I can prepare the short but very insightful videos from my Male Beauty Forum Menu.I feel the You Tube and Google Video Search Culture is up and ready for it,so Stand By.
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    Sunday, February 4, 2007

    Mens Health Beauty and Fitness

    Mens Health Beauty and Fitness, Blog is created by myself,Claude Edwin theriault; a State of the Art artist and Beauty Therapist here in Toronto ,Working in the Industry for 20 years now and evolved to where my work is the Benchmark of knowledge and experience in what is the essence of Male Beauty Grooming services and Tailor made Images for my United Nations of male Clienetele,no gjive no kidding I realy have evolved to create "it".This Blog serves as a Forum where Men can post comments and questions about"stuff" Gentelmens Quaterly and Men's Health Magasines wont touch let alone talk to you is an extension of my main website.

    Men's Skin Care

    As much in demand as my Hair Grooming and removal Services are,Men's Skin Care is a Favorite . Face and Body treatments do sell,and I enjoy the sculpting of flesh aspect to it and the Bio-regenerative Look that comes within treatments;however they are not as prioritized an item as the hair.Yet our skin is the Surface layer of our Brain,without the sense of touch wired into Skin we would have no relationship to the present moment,touch being the Mother of all senses a form of speech onto itself it is important to nourish the skin sourced. All it needs is basic builing blocks, so feed your Face and body with a basic plain no perfume i.e. grapeseed oil,it is inexpensive,light ,non greasy yet pure nutrition.After shower,naked skin pores are still open and it is the best time to apply a product it absorbs quickly and you can then get dressed for the day.Also of prime importance is to exfoliate with an exfoliating product once a week so that dead skin cells are removed and new ones encouraged ,again done on a day when you have lots of time to rub an exfoliant and leave it on the skin for 4-5 minutes instead of a quick drive-thru gig,like guys in a rush tend to do.It is basic maintainence that provides us with "a moment" to our intimate sensorial selves in a gogo world.An will prevent waking up to a sagging demineralized ,"Iguana Hide" as we call it at Skin Divo,it is out there.Look around and see for yourself the Skin Topographies out there in the world of man.<