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    Thursday, March 1, 2007

    New meaning to the word Hood Ornament

    With all the bells ,whistles,ropes & harness men have to fill the gaping holes in their empty lives, one I find to be right up there is the almighty Cockring,and it's capacity to give new meaning to the word "Hood Ornament".A steadfast and True micro-Capillary rupturing nightmare a la pre gangarene if there ever was one .I just had to research it since I have nothing against ropes,harness and "Stuff",my childhood having been spent on a "Cattle Ropin'" farm in Nova Scotia .Had my own pony"Flash" and everything.I just believe in keeping the Harvest of the Harness in the realm of the 4 legged domesticated animals.However,for some basic hugging,kissing and affection just no longer does, or never did"The Trick" and they just need "more".Communicated in a non-verbalized message in the form of the "BonaConstrictor" Rings=marriage/meaning my prime real estate belongs to you.Options like priapism,penile gangarene are just not considered due to our being "Busy right Now".Quick release is good ,I guess for that bailout moment of enough is enough to avoid necrosis meaning death of cells and groups of cells that make up the tissue that make up organs.All for the triple crown look and feel of wrapping it around the gonads preventing them from rising in orgasm instilling the new neuro-lingistic programming to the next level of "Lord knows What".