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    Wednesday, July 29, 2009

    Monday, July 27, 2009

    Raw Food Diet

    Raw Food Diet, new review in 100 words or less for people on the go...
    Discover Health and Beauty Therapist Claude Edwin Theriault.
    Screen real estate ,clear digital imagery and where it`s going... Photosyn.. sea dragon like wow...
    Multi-touch sensor technology never looked so good...
    Smart online shopping article I found to be really interesting...

    Glutathione anti-aging supplement

    Glutathione anti-aging supplement, launch philippines has become global success. Health and Beauty therapist Claude Edwin Theriault continues to extend his invitation to become part of it.

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    Sunday, July 26, 2009

    Men's skin care info

    Men's skin care info, from cutting edge no nonsense Spa skin care technicien Claude Edwin Theriault.Striving for natural toxin free product for 20 years and getting with Marine Phytoplankon line Secresea.

    Made with Marine Phytoplankton harvested on a $30 million dollar sea farm on the Pacific West coast and distributed through direct sales in 30 Countries and growing,for real..
    Visit Claude Edwin Theriault

    Sixth sense

    Sixth sense made simple and clear like wow in a few easy minutes ... see video...

    Sports Energy Drinks

    Sports Energy Drinks just went the way of the non toxic spike with this Electrifire one . Check out the news...

    High End Art Gallery

    High End Art Gallery out of millions of results Symbolist painter Claude Edwin Theriault.Inspired buy esoteric zero point 2012 is up and climbing,the search engine pop charts; must be beyond mainstream.

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    human behaviour

    See and learn lots on our human behaviour..

    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    Friday, July 24, 2009

    Tuesday, July 21, 2009

    Laser Hair Removal Toronto

    Laser Hair removal Tornto is a large shopping market, in shopping choose wisely.
    Licensed and Certified Health and Beauty therapist Claude Edwin Theriault with 10 years experience , can listen to your needs and provide viable solutions.
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    Saturday, July 11, 2009

    Natural Fat Burn Supplement

    A good natural fat burn supplement to add to ones diet is , digestive enzymes. So few people know of this great metabolic and digestive catalyst . It is a very safe ,cost effective means to burn that extra fat and keep it off as well.
    All cooked or processed food is completely lacking in enzymes, and since that is the majority of what we eat hence the statistics of 2 out of 3 people being overweight. Short sweet plain truth info from a dynamic health and wellness therapist who knows.

    Check out the news on my video below and discover more.

    Friday, July 10, 2009

    Stem Cell, Therapy,Breakthrough™

    Stem Cell Therapy, breakthrough news is out in the form of Stemplex. A kosher certified proprietary blend of ingredients that enable the body to produce up to 70% more life enhancing Adult Stem Cells on it's own.
    Very safe and cost effective means to maintain optimum health, or recover from illness.
    It really is worth researching, since that is what I do every day as a health and wellness therapist I am very excited about this discovery. Stemplex is manufactured by Simplexity health and distributed by direct sales via it's members. Resulting in significant cost savings over retail purchase of a supplement of this caliber.

    Check out my video news below and discover.

    Raw Food Supplement Drink™

    Raw Food Supplement Drink is a great way to boast ones health and immune system in times of increasing health issues. The people in the know doing so will tell you of the many benefits of well being had from doing so.
    In my search for a supplementing product I have found one named Azul,with Marine Phytoplankton a proprietary base blend of 24 Raw Whole Foods including Maqui berry, Acai berry, coconut and more;giving it a very high antioxidant level rating.
    In my professional opinion no other on the market can hold a candle to it in terms of nutritional value.
    Azul is not available in any store and it never will,since the multi national redistributing company My Forever Green sells it through direct sales. Where one can buy it direct from them and have shipped to ones door at significant cost savings over retail mark-up.
    Check out link below and discover very happening nutritional news

    Thursday, July 9, 2009

    Body Detox Cleanse...

    Body Detox Cleanse is something few are into however more should be looking into it, since we are so constantly bombarded with the toxic stuff. Our bodies try to rid themselves of it since they are after all made to do so. However a boast every now and then does a world of good and is a very cost effective means to ensure lasting health and longevity, it really is.
    As a health and beauty therapist I continually practice what I preach and research. Last year my search brought me to a product called ZMP400 made with"Zeolite" a pristine volcanic mineral, free of soluble clay, extracted from the top of a highly-active environmentally clean geothermal region.
    ZMP400 is superior due to the fact that it is naturally harmonized and activated by being infused into a base of 400 milligrams of our exclusive marine phytoplankton which is mineral-rich, including magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.
    May sound a bit heady but works wonders in giving you that light and energized feeling that comes after a detox cleanse.
    Not available in any store but direct from the my for ever green manufacturer through a member account or your own easy to open member account then shipped direct to your door ant significant cost savings over retail purchase price for a product of this caliber.

    Check out my video below to learn more on this great detox news

    Natural Skin Care

    Natural Skin Care is hard to come by these days, since every manufacture has gone the way of chemical toxic spike. Especially the big brand names, take the time to read the ingredients on the back under a magnifing galss and you will see the light.
    I personnally have had an active interest in this field since 1990 when I started in the Spa industry. Since then I completed certification in Applied Algolgy and visited Bretagne France to see the source as well in 2000.
    However most have been bought up by big nutri-corporate interest and the natural simply is not so natural any more.
    However I have since discovered Secresea made from marine phytoplankton harvested and processed under the most meticulous and tested conditions by a company called my forevergreen.A direct sales company where product will never be made available in any stores, it is bought through a member or with ones own easy to set up active member acount and then shipped direct from the manufacturer source at significant cost savings over retail.
    In my opinion a very nice way to shop and do business in a Web2.0 social media world going places.
    Check out more news on this at my video below.

    Natural Sport Drink...

    Natural Sport Drink is something hard to come by in a market saturated with serious chemical spike and crash products. However as a health and fitness therapist I continually research this, and have found one in particular that stands out.
    Electrifire is made from marine phytoplankton farmed on a $25 million sea farm on Vancouver Island with quality control harvesting and processing. The active ingredient is bonded to the most minute water molecule particle with a process called AMP which makes for a quick and very thorough absorption of clear energy with no chemical spike and crash let alone dizziness, diarrhea, or heart palpitations.
    Available direct from the My Forever Green manufacturer one can by pass the retail markup and have delivered direct to ones door, in an age where direct sales marketing makes things very easy.
    Check the news:

    Wednesday, July 8, 2009

    Weight Loss Supplement Tip...

    Weight Loss Supplement Tip, that works is adding digestive enzymes to your diet.Since the highly processed and refined foods we eat these days are dead and void of enzymes; especially if they are cooked.I tell clients Enzymes are the match on the barrel of oil, they really are a catalyst to digestion and metabolism giving you energy after meals instead of that sluggish feeling due to all the body energy being tapped to digest a meal with no catalyser.
    It's that plain and simple, enzymes with meals and fat does not get warehoused it gets converted into the energy powerhouse it should, with time even accumulated reserve fat is burned up as well. Research this further by typing digestive enzyme into a search engine query and you will be impressed by what you learn.

    Glutathione Maxgxl Launch Philippines

    Glutathione Maxgxl Launch Philippines date of July15 2009 is fast approaching. Health, Beauty therapist and active distributor member Claude Edwin Theriault,continues to extend open invitation to serious online entrepreneurs with a desire to succeed.

    With this powerful business opportunity, Maxgxl has made the sign up process even easier on a Global level. With the setting up of from which you can run a very nice profitable home business on a world wide level.

    View video below to discover more, and feel free to contact me for more info.