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    Friday, February 26, 2010

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    Sport Energy Drinks™

    Reading up on the Energy drinks market out there these days is a bit of a downer at times.Sad but it's all a bit too yahoo go dude go hype.When a product like Electrifire comes along one sees it is the pure clean source you will stay with once you take the time to read on this natural non toxic spiked drink. Available shipped direct to your door from the drop shipping manufacturer my forever green. account of Claude Edwin Theriault ID #544411.
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    MaxWLX Weight Loss Accelerator.™

    Breaking the on again off again weight loss diet and weight gain cycle.Quick weight loss diet pills like Hoodia simply do not cut it they just don't. In my continuing research I have found that fast healthy fat burn and ideal weight goals can truly be had with a safe and cost effective quick weight loss pill product like Max WLX .
    Since it works by enabling the right Leptin balanced message to get to the brain so that the body gets the healthy eating message to not eat so much and so often, Enabling you to finally get a proper natural nutrition balance in your diet and exercise plan. How to Loose weight and keep it off naturally is finally within or grasp.
    Click the More on Max WLX link further below on this page this page to read and discover more on this exciting new product. Then go direct to for on-line info or call Customer Care at 801: 316 -6380 to purchase.Using my Active Distributor name of Claude Edwin Theriault or giving the customer Care rep my ID # 36108 can enable you to place an order ,or better yet open your own account to get on monthly automatic reorder and start to benefit from this great weight lose accelerator product.With a company that has a serious future business plan and vision. View Eye opening video
    MaxGXL: Co-Founder Steven K. Scott

    A message from MaxGXL Co-Founder Steven K. Scott. More at In addition to MaxGXL, Steve co-founded the American Telecast Corporation (ATC), and its group of consumer-goods companies. With his partners he created more than a dozen multi-million dollar companies from scratch, becoming a multi-millionaire himself and creating more than 40 other millionaires along the way. He has generated sales of more than 2 billion dollars, making him one of the most successful marketing entrepreneurs in the history of direct response television marketing. Steve has written, produced and directed countless award-winning television productions and commercials featuring celebrities such a Cher, Jane Fonda, Kathy Lee Gifford, Charlton Heston, Tom Selleck, Chuck Norris, Michael Landon and more than 70 other world-renowned celebrities. In addition to his two books published by Simon & Schuster, Steve has co-authored two, million copy best-sellers with relationships expert, Dr. Gary Smalley, and co-produced more than 20 best-selling videos. Steve is a popular national speaker on the subjects of personal and professional achievement, and corporate productivity. For more information visit my Alexa ranked Authority site: