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    Sunday, July 1, 2012

    Organic Spa Skin Care ™

    Facial and Body Skin Care/Toxic-Free

    As much in demand as Hair removal and Body Grooming Services are,Organic Spa Skin Care is a favorite of mine. Face and Body treatments do sell,and I enjoy the sculpting of flesh with quality anti-aging or anti-acne cosmetic products, aspect to it as well as the Bio-regenerative Beauty Look that comes with a good facial treatment. However they are not as prioritized an item with men as the body hair is.Yet our skin is the Surface layer of our Brain,without the sense of touch wired into Skin we would have no relationship to the present moment. Touch being the Mother of all senses, it is a form of speech onto itself.Therefore I strongly feel it is important to nourish the skin source. All it needs is basic building blocks, so feed your Face and body with a basic plain grape seed oil. It is organic inexpensive,light ,not greasy yet pure natural nutrition.After shower,naked skin pores are still open and it is the best time to apply a product. Best of all it absorbs quickly and you can then get dressed for the day.Also of prime importance is to exfoliate with an exfoliating full body scrub product once a week so that dead skin cells are removed and new ones encouraged to grow. Again done on a day when you have lots of time to rub an exfoliant and leave it on the skin for 5-6 minutes. Instead of the quick drive-thru gig, guys in a rush tend to do.Bottom line it is basic maintenance that provides us with "a moment" to our intimate selves in a world of nonstop activity. Since our aging skin care regime is out there moving right along with the tick,tick of times passing. Look around and look at the various Skin Topographies out there; in the world of man.

    Glutathione Therapy™

    1. Glutathione Therapy
    People have been searching for that magic pill that could halt signs of aging for a very long time. We still do not have that pill per say but we have an anti-aging therapy now that can help achieve our desired objective, you can get it to. It is called Glutathione and let me tell you it is something else. They however are not all created equal. Getting the body to adsorb this racked and stacked amino cocktail is not always a success ,unless you have the right one as I do through the maxgxl company. a state of the art group of people with a marketing vision to hit the 1 billion dollars in sales/year soon. and you too can be part of it, read and follow links below.Bookmark me I am worth it as a source of knowledge I share with clients due to the passionate interest I have on this subject.
    Some people may like to think that it is something that goes against nature and may have medical connotation, but the truth is that the best therapies that we have today have natural origins and use a holistic approach. Finding them is the key!

    First, we need to understand how our body works. There are billions of cells in our body that are exposed to lots of unstable molecules (medically known as free radicals). The free radicals if not stabilized end up attacking the healthy cells, causing a variety of illnesses. Therefore, the only way to protect these healthy cells from damage is to stabilize those free radicals. We can do this by supplying our bodies with sufficient antioxidants.

    That is the reason why the anti-aging therapy basically includes a proper diet program that ensures sufficient supply of antioxidants to the body. It does not only provide you protection against disease, but it also helps you achieve optimum health.

    There are natural supplement products available in the online market that you can buy,such as this very little known secret one Glutathione. More then 60,000 published scientific papers on it and still it remains relatively unknown for now, However longevity therapy is not all about just taking products and expecting them to due the magic Hollywood movie star transformation. Anti-aging therapy basically recommends as well a diet program that is rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, such as green, leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, and citrus fruits and berries. All these fruits and vegetables have high levels of antioxidants. Combined with a good Glutathione Therapy supplement will ensure that you will be happening like you use to in the beginning, it really will...
    The market on this supplement is growing in leaps and bounds . With the July15 2009 launching of this flagship product onto the Philippines market which is 10 times more active and busy then in North America. With it being positioned in the middle of the even larger Asian Pacific market. May 7, 2011 sees the launch of the Singapore market.
    I invite Health and Longevity interested people with a sense of entrepreneurs ,to contact me on how to get in on this large market with a home based business account through me.

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