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    Friday, November 1, 2013

    Chronic Pain Relief

    With Chronic Pain Relief Stats now at an all time high of 1.5 billion people worldwide.There is a growing concern as to a viable solution to ease this chronic daily pain more and more people are finding themselves in.
    However for the "Ones" who start and finish their day in a Chronic or Acute Pain state it is not fun.Chronic pain being defined as having lasted more than six months where it 's classification goes from acute to chronic. Standard side effects are impaired performance and productivity loss;due to loss of lack of sleep and motivation. Resulting in the next step,here in the western world:"pharmacologic management".
    Alternative therapies can be a somewhat tedious path to navigate,with all the snake oil cures and "stuff" out there.However Alternative Therapies; like ancient herbs are embracing new technologies and making themselves more the right path to follow .One of these right paths being in the form of the new FG xpress Power Strip for example.
    I have been following the media buzz on this transdermal patch application of Ancient herbs and Infra red technology, since it's launch in March of 2013. And the news buzz is going around the world fast. Since the Forever Green company which manufactures it has a momentum that now;has the Power Strips available in more then 150 countries.
    They show clear and cost effective relief from Chronic Pain, that is safe for all ages, with plain simple practical results that serve as a great alternative therapy to prescription medications.
    Made with Korean Red Ginseng, Germanium, Marine Phytoplankton & Ionic Silver applied to the skin via a biodegradable patch;which is plant based.The patches use wave form technology of Infra red heat.Which enables the ingredients to penetrate into the body via the skin. By simply placing it near the area where pain is located; on the day the patch is applied.Bringing energy and relief fast,enabling you to get on with your day in peace, for a change. All this due to the healing properties of;
    Korean red ginseng and it's capacity to raise T-Cells along with the anti tumor ingredient saponins.
    Germanium based far infrared enables the cells in the body to rid themselves of the metabolic wastes, resulting in a decongestion of the tissue.
    Marine Phytoplankton has immune system enhancing properties that are very restorative on a cellular level.
    Ionic Silver has strong micro bacterial properties, among others too many to mention in this article.
    Infrared has a long history of use from ancient civilizations to current Reiki practitioners.
    They are called power strips for the simple reason that they really do bring energy to the cells of the body, With renewed energy the body repairs itself and pain is significantly deminished. It is so effective that it is listed as a class 1 medical device by the FDA.
    All combining to work in synergy to deliver longed for relief of pain for the 1.5 billion who live with this every day. All in all making this FG xpress Power Strip the Alternative therapy to really watch in the next few months.
    Health and Wellness therapist Claude Edwin Theriault of : using Web 2.0 to research and write on the most current developments in Alternative therapies.Providing the most cost effective transformational value to clients.
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    Wednesday, October 16, 2013

    Travel Guard Travel Insurance

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    Monday, September 23, 2013

    Budget Car Rental Europe

    Budget Car Rental Europe is recognized the world over as the strong and global brand, it truly is.  The Avis Budget Group, Inc. currently includes Budget rent A Car, Avis as well as  Zipcar in their worldwide vehicle rental network.
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    Budget Car Rental Europe

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    Sunday, September 22, 2013

    Dental plans online

    Your Affordable Alternative
    To Dental Insurance
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    Theses days  total annual spending for dental care is expected to increase 58%, from $101.9 billion to $161.4 billion, through 2018.
    Fact is close to  50% of uninsured Americans, and 30%
    of insured Americans, skipped necessary dental care visits due to financial burdens in 2008

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    Saturday, September 21, 2013

    New York Sight Seeing

    Gray Line New York established as the go to source for all Sight seeing tours in New York City

    Grey Line New York Tours photo GreyLineNewYorkTours.jpg

     Since 1926, Gray Line New York has established it's Brand as THE Go To Source for NYC's best double decker bus and deluxe motorcoach tours.

    They offer deluxe double decker, hop-on, hop-off bus tours that include Uptown, Downtown, Brooklyn and Night loops.


    They also offer fully escorted foreign language motor coach city tours in German, French, Korean, Spanish and Italian with top multi-lingual tour guides.

    Our one-day excursions to Niagara Falls, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Woodbury Common Premium Shopping outlet mall, are favorites too.

    From Double Decker buses, Helicopter , cruises and private VIP Tours in this exciting city.

    Visit the easy to navigate site and watch for further discounts on Broadway shows and events.

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    Tuesday, March 26, 2013

    third eye gallery | Art Gallery of Nova Scotia French Acadian painter Claude Edwin Theriault

     Check out ...New Online Art Gallery of Nova Scotia French Acadian painter Claude Edwin Theriault, still beyond mainstream and more and more present in Web 2.0 Social media scene...

    Art Gallery of Nova Scotia French Acadian painter Claude Edwin Theriault

    Friday, February 8, 2013

    Men's Spa treatment Services Shediac Moncton N.B.

    Men's Spa treatment Services Shediac Moncton N.B. will be getting the addition of Health and Beauty therapist Claude Edwin Theriault. In Spring 2013, as soon as a convenient small and intimate space is found in the Shediac area. Claude Edwin Theriault is looking forward to  taking a seaside break from his established Toronto local and be in the Shediac/Moncton  area the last half of the month May until September inclusive.
    Sunburst Superfoods
    By appointment only;as well as serious inquiries only , since there is only a limited time to book for the services of Swedish massage with Hot/Cold Stones, Dead Sea Salt body polish scrubs, Facials, Waxing and body hair clipping , with the possibility of Marine Body wraps in September as a last call.

    Visit my main Male Beauty Forum site to learn more or to contact me

    Thursday, February 7, 2013


    In researching Superfood Nutrition you can learn all there is from A to Z on the little known Marine Phytoplankton as a Superfood Source.Since the our bodies building blocks come from the foods we eat, therefore Longevity with nutrition is the Diet vehicle to great health. A mindset and philosophy more and more people are beginning to realize.
    The majority of our food supply is from over commercialized corporate farming,in soils that are depleted of most nutritional giving minerals since no time is given for the soil to renew itself, the protocol is to plant ,fertilize, harvest and repeat.

    Even Organic Food supplements lack the ability to assimilate and integrate all the nutrition,due to binders and fillers.Also contend with Publicity ,mark-up and rent factoring into the price. Newly published on Amazon Superfood Nutrition Source goes into detail as to how Marine Phytoplankton is a top class Raw Food source of anti-aging essential nutrients; for high performance CEO type people who demand optimum results to ensure their Health & Longevity.
    Marine Phtoplankton is a little known superfood that contains potent anti-cancer nutrients, elements that help reverse heart disease, nutrients for protecting brain function and even specific minerals and phytochemicals that can help normalize your body weight.Marine Phytoplankton contains hundreds of different Longevity providing carotenoids, minerals, amino acids and nutrients.

    It also contains literally hundreds of potent phyto-chemicals that work in synergy to protect your body’s tissues, detoxify your blood and remove toxins, enhance oxygenation and circulation and reverse abnormal cell division that can lead to cancer.
    Marine phytoplankton can help prevent diseases since it is a whole food medicine containing hundreds of different nutritional elements that work throughout the body.

    Modern medicine Conventional physicians and medical authorities are stuck in a very limited and outdated mode of thinking.These days our health and well being is in our own hands and no one else,for serious performance CEO performance types Marine Phytoplankton added to the diet is a cost effective means to long and healthy life without the medical complications more and more people are running into.
    A very detailed must read on the hundreds of nutritive elements found in this ow they contribute to outstanding health and Longevity.For the ones in the know, on this Superfood Nutrition Source for CEO types e book on Amazon and the little known food source that can take you there.

    I reveal my No.1 recommended marine phytoplankton product and tell you where to get significant reduction off the mainstream retail price on Frequensea.

    Friday, January 25, 2013

    Men's Spa Services Shediac Moncton N.B.

    Men's Spa Services Shediac Moncton N.B. will be seeing a change with the arrival of Health and Wellness therapist Claude Edwin Theriault in spring 2013. Offering an eclectic range of service such as:Swedish massage with Hot /Cold stones known as LaStone massage , Dead Sea Salt body polish scrubs, Remineralizing Facials, Body Hair Waxing/Clipping. with possible addition of Marine Body Wraps in the last month, depending on demand for that service.

    In brief ;as soon as a nice quiet location can be found in the Shediac area .The first 15 days of the month will be in the Zen Tree House  studio office;devoted to his established clientele in Toronto.
    And the last 15 days of the month will be in the new Zen Beach House Studio in the Shediac N.B. area. Since Claude Edwin Theriault is looking to get away from the big city and is actively looking for a more rural setting. Hence Shediac with it's proximity to an International airport as well as near  Moncton; still ranked as one of the top 10 Canadian cities to live in.

    However it's the Eclectic and gentrified mindset  found in the town of Shediac which has potential as a zen Beach house set up. Response has been good so far , with actual people responding and requesting more info.

    Due to the limited time it will be imperative to book appointments in advanced. Serious non sexual request only since Claude Edwin Theroault is not the local Gay male prostitute,he is State of the art  with 20 years experience, so serious inquiries only SVP.

    Click the relevant links, watch the video and discover more on this news...