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    Friday, January 25, 2013

    Men's Spa Services Shediac Moncton N.B.

    Men's Spa Services Shediac Moncton N.B. will be seeing a change with the arrival of Health and Wellness therapist Claude Edwin Theriault in spring 2013. Offering an eclectic range of service such as:Swedish massage with Hot /Cold stones known as LaStone massage , Dead Sea Salt body polish scrubs, Remineralizing Facials, Body Hair Waxing/Clipping. with possible addition of Marine Body Wraps in the last month, depending on demand for that service.

    In brief ;as soon as a nice quiet location can be found in the Shediac area .The first 15 days of the month will be in the Zen Tree House  studio office;devoted to his established clientele in Toronto.
    And the last 15 days of the month will be in the new Zen Beach House Studio in the Shediac N.B. area. Since Claude Edwin Theriault is looking to get away from the big city and is actively looking for a more rural setting. Hence Shediac with it's proximity to an International airport as well as near  Moncton; still ranked as one of the top 10 Canadian cities to live in.

    However it's the Eclectic and gentrified mindset  found in the town of Shediac which has potential as a zen Beach house set up. Response has been good so far , with actual people responding and requesting more info.

    Due to the limited time it will be imperative to book appointments in advanced. Serious non sexual request only since Claude Edwin Theroault is not the local Gay male prostitute,he is State of the art  with 20 years experience, so serious inquiries only SVP.

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