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    Friday, November 1, 2013

    Chronic Pain Relief

    With Chronic Pain Relief Stats now at an all time high of 1.5 billion people worldwide.There is a growing concern as to a viable solution to ease this chronic daily pain more and more people are finding themselves in.
    However for the "Ones" who start and finish their day in a Chronic or Acute Pain state it is not fun.Chronic pain being defined as having lasted more than six months where it 's classification goes from acute to chronic. Standard side effects are impaired performance and productivity loss;due to loss of lack of sleep and motivation. Resulting in the next step,here in the western world:"pharmacologic management".
    Alternative therapies can be a somewhat tedious path to navigate,with all the snake oil cures and "stuff" out there.However Alternative Therapies; like ancient herbs are embracing new technologies and making themselves more the right path to follow .One of these right paths being in the form of the new FG xpress Power Strip for example.
    I have been following the media buzz on this transdermal patch application of Ancient herbs and Infra red technology, since it's launch in March of 2013. And the news buzz is going around the world fast. Since the Forever Green company which manufactures it has a momentum that now;has the Power Strips available in more then 150 countries.
    They show clear and cost effective relief from Chronic Pain, that is safe for all ages, with plain simple practical results that serve as a great alternative therapy to prescription medications.
    Made with Korean Red Ginseng, Germanium, Marine Phytoplankton & Ionic Silver applied to the skin via a biodegradable patch;which is plant based.The patches use wave form technology of Infra red heat.Which enables the ingredients to penetrate into the body via the skin. By simply placing it near the area where pain is located; on the day the patch is applied.Bringing energy and relief fast,enabling you to get on with your day in peace, for a change. All this due to the healing properties of;
    Korean red ginseng and it's capacity to raise T-Cells along with the anti tumor ingredient saponins.
    Germanium based far infrared enables the cells in the body to rid themselves of the metabolic wastes, resulting in a decongestion of the tissue.
    Marine Phytoplankton has immune system enhancing properties that are very restorative on a cellular level.
    Ionic Silver has strong micro bacterial properties, among others too many to mention in this article.
    Infrared has a long history of use from ancient civilizations to current Reiki practitioners.
    They are called power strips for the simple reason that they really do bring energy to the cells of the body, With renewed energy the body repairs itself and pain is significantly deminished. It is so effective that it is listed as a class 1 medical device by the FDA.
    All combining to work in synergy to deliver longed for relief of pain for the 1.5 billion who live with this every day. All in all making this FG xpress Power Strip the Alternative therapy to really watch in the next few months.
    Health and Wellness therapist Claude Edwin Theriault of : using Web 2.0 to research and write on the most current developments in Alternative therapies.Providing the most cost effective transformational value to clients.
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