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    Thursday, April 9, 2015

    Fundy Gypsum Company,Ship Crew Reunion

    Visit the new Fundy Gypsum Company Ships Crew Reunion page on Face Book. This new Fundy Gypsum Ships Crew Reunion page on Face Book,is there to serve as a gathering place for the many people who were part of this long seafaring maritime tradition. With the subsequent closing of the Fundy mines as well as the shipping aspect of the company.
    The new Fundy Gypsum Company Face Book Ships Crew Reunion page serves as a very fitting vehicle for old acquaintances to meet and exchange photos and stories of the many fun times had by the many different people who worked for this Hantsport Nova Scotia location based ;Fundy Gypsum Company for all those years.From the Gypsum King,Gypsum Baron,Gypsum Countess,Gypsum Duchess,Gypsum Empress and on back through time,there is a place for your photos and stories on this Facebook page.
    The interface of the page is very easy to navigate, one simply becomes a member and scrolls down the list;or discussion tread to view and comment or start a new thread discussion of your own.
    It will serve as a growing group in the years to come ,simply use the Search feature when logged into your Face Book account. Or visit the URL below,