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    Thursday, February 4, 2016

    Rio 2016 Souvenir Sticker

    Amazing Rio 2016 Olympic venues

    The Rio 2016 Olympics is expected to be a great event; which is why the  Male Beauty Forum Lifestyle store @ Amazon. Is excited to offer it's Pinnacle of Sporting Excellence pack of 10 stickers; that celebrate this excellence in Summer Olympic world sports event: with a logo that is both Cool and Sexy ,compared to mainstream ones that are not.

    The USD 1.5 billion contributed by the IOC will be utilized to make it the greatest world sporting event. The well known Maracana is getting ready to host the opening as well as closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games. The football events also will be held at Maracana. The home of Botafogo, the Estadio Olimpico Joao Havelange with its increased capacity to accommodate 65000 people will be the venue for athletics. The organizing committee expects to complete all the arrangements 8 months ahead of the sports event.
    Rio 2016 romises an excellent sports event
    For the outstanding athletes as well as sports lovers the world over, Rio 2016 Olympics is expected to provide a legacy of new venues for the sports event. The Olympic events will unveil the new Rio de Janeiro to the world. Those who arrive at Rio next year at the time of the Olympic Games are sure to find here an energy that they can’t find elsewhere. Just as Carlos Arthur Nuzman, the President of Rio 2016 Olympic had stated, as a result of the sustainable transformation through sports Rio 2016 Olympics will present to the world an excellent sports event.
    IOC Olympic Scholarships
    Another outstanding feature of Rio 2016 Olympics will be the IOC Olympic Scholarships for athletes. IOC has announced the scholarships in order to ensure universal representation in Olympic Games. The athletes who are awarded the scholarship will be provided financial aid to the extent of $1200 per month for training and other expenses.

    Since the Rio 2016 Olympic Games -is expected to be the biggest world sporting event of 2016. Malebeautyforum Lifestyle store on Amazon is offering a pack of 10 Rio 2016 stickers that are very relevant with the cool and sexy design, ,unlike mainstream ones that are very Disneyfied and dull.
    At the Rio 2016 Olympic Sports event there will be a lot of fun and excitement for the athletes as well as sport lovers. The participants will be a mixture of Olympians and more then just fresh faces, it is the most eclectic gathering of the year.

    The Brazilian’s love of sport and their dedication to their country will certainly make the Rio 2016 Olympics one of the greatest world sporting event. More than 10, 500 athletes from 206 nations will take part in the first Olympics to be held in South America. The Organizing Committee of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games has already announced the first 83 cities that will be the finish locations of the Olympic Torch Relay on each day. The Olympic Torch will first arrive in the capital city of Brasilia in May 2016. The Olympic Torch Relay is presented by Coca-Cola, Nissan and Bradesco,and will travel all over Brazil for about 100 days.

    The new Rio 2016 mascots

    The two new mascots that are ready for the Rio 2016 Olympics will ensure the starting of the world event to be full of fun. The multi-colored cat and the tree-like creatures in blue and green are sure to make everyone feel excited. These mascots are developed as combinations of various Brazilian animals. These mascots uphold specific qualities of different animals such as grace of birds, sway of monkeys and agility of cats. The official website of the 2016 Olympics invite all the people to participate in the fun game. The website wants the people to select names for the two new creatures. The can choose the name either as OBA and EBA or VINCIUS and TOM or TIBA TUQUE and ESQUINDIM. However the Male Beauty Forum Pinnacle of Sporting Excellence Logo is more sexy, have a look at the Amazon store and see.

    As usual the is a galaxy of superstars with high expectations at this world Olympic event.
    Brazil which is the hosting country of 2016 Olympic sports event will be competing for gold in volley ball. The veteran Brazilian player Serginho who had won one gold and two silvers in Olympics has asked all Brazilians to stand behind the country’s volleyball team and support them during the forthcoming “Games of the century.” The three-time Olympian and golden girl of the track Anna Meares from Australia said that the picturesque environs of Rio will make the Rio 2016 Olympics a great sports event. She expects the games in Rio will be colorful and there will be a lot of fun, energy and excitement. There is high excitement in New Zealand about the Rugby sevens in Rio Olympics. The best player of New Zealand Scott Curry and his teammates are busy with their preparations for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Lin Dan of China will be competing at Rio for a third consecutive men’s singles title in badminton. Sardar Singh, Captain of the Indian hockey team says that his team is determined to win the first medal for their country in 36 years. Jessica Ennis-Hill from Britain who won the gold in heptathlon for her country in the 2012 London Olympics wants to defend her title in Rio next year. Usain Bolt and many other world superstars in sports have mentioned that they will be making history in Rio and will inspire the world at the Rio 2016 Olympic Sports event.

    Olympic Sports fan souvenirs being what they are , get one that stands out as being The Pinnacle of Olympic Sports Excellence Logo of achievement, at the Male Beauty Forum Lifestyle store @ Amazon and "Be There".