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    Saturday, September 29, 2018

    Man Spa Services Toronto

    Men's Butt Waxing Downtown Toronto

    The growth in the Man Spa industry continues, since more and more main stream men are discovering the comfort and joy of full service Spa treatments.From Mens Brazilian waxing, body hair grooming and Skin Care. Click to view my Men's Butt Waxing info post

     The Health and Beauty needs mindset has shifted a great deal.However the business that should be serving this markets its needs is not doing so , due to it basically being a hyped up and over marketed business machine at times, stuck in a marketing pattern dated by many years.

    Health and Beauty therapist Claude Edwin Theriault, in the Spa business since 1990:really has found and fine tuned his skills to serve the needs of his eclectic Toronto clientele as well as his daily expanding worldwide online clientele.And in so doing has become the go to guy in simple straight forward advise on how and where to find answers to ones Health and wellness needs.

    So shop carefully to find the right fit for your Lifestyle and Mindset.

    Have a look at the studio space of Claude Edwin Theriault; a very professional yet beyond mainstream Men's Spa in Toronto 19 floors above the Hoopla...since 1997